FairfaxAuction.com looks forward to working with you to liquidate your assets. If you are liquidating all your assets, we will make the transition smoothly for you. You can remain in operation until the day of the removal of the items.

Here is how the process works:

  1. You can contact Fairfaxauction.com by email: info@fairfaxauction.com or phone 703-440-1081.
  2. Fairfaxauction.com will get back to you within 1 business day to discuss your needs.
    We have many different options including:

    1. Providing our representatives coming to your site to take digital photographs, collection descriptions for each item.
    2. Resize all images for posting on our website, upload all images, descriptions
    3. Providing our staffs for preview inspection
    4. Providing our staffs for removal date
    5. Providing our storage space in case seller wants to remove items first. In that case, we can do consignment sales either by online or offline.
  3. After determining the amount of items to be sold, the condition, value, amount of time to market the auction, we will quote a fee for our service.
  4. Fairfaxauction.com will send the letter of agreement to be signed by the seller which will outline the sales type online or offline, the removal, auction end date or consignment duration, terms of the agreement.

Inspection. Generally the day before the auction end date is the inspection/preview. Bidders will come to your site to inspect the items. It is very important to have all of the items looking as clean as possible.

Report. Fairfaxauction.com will email the seller a detailed report listing every item and the final sale price. We will provide a report breaking down each buyer and all of the items that they have won.

Payment. Fairfaxauction.com will send the disbursement check for all proceeds, minus our fees, 15 business days after the removal and receipt of the final check out sheet

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